Rongta RT410 POS Cash Drawer

৳ 6,500.00

  • Interface: RJ11, RJ12,
  • Tray: 4 Note & 5 Coin Slots
  • Drawer: Microswitch C, NC or C, NO
  • Length: 183mm; Depth:59mm


Rongta RT410 POS Cash Drawer Price In Bangladesh

The Rongta RT410 POS Cash Drawer stands out as a dependable and efficient cash management solution tailored for point-of-sale systems. With its versatile features, this cash drawer ensures seamless integration with various POS systems, thanks to multiple interface options such as RJ11 and RJ12. This facilitates easy connectivity and compatibility, streamlining transaction processing for businesses. The tray of the RT410 is thoughtfully designed to efficiently accommodate both notes and coins. Featuring four note slots for secure organization of different currency denominations and five coin slots, it offers ample space to manage coins of varying sizes effectively. To enhance security, the drawer is equipped with a microswitch mechanism, providing two configurations (C, NC or C, NO) for businesses to choose based on their operational needs and security preferences. With a length of 183mm and a depth of 59mm, the RT410 possesses a compact design suitable for retail environments with limited space. Despite its size, this cash drawer doesn’t compromise on storage capacity, ensuring convenience and efficiency during transactions. In summary, the Rongta RT410 POS Cash Drawer seamlessly combines functionality, security, and compatibility, making it an ideal choice for businesses in need of a reliable cash management solution for their point-of-sale operations.


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