E-hishab for EXPORT-IMPORT

Export Import Management POS Software



As an importer or exporter, you know how important it is to have accurate data and efficient systems in place to manage your transactions. One of the most crucial components of any business is its e-hishab POS Software. e-Hishab POS Software can streamline your operations, provide you with valuable insights into your business, and help you make informed decisions.

Features At A Glance for EXPORT-IMPORT


Accurate tracking of inventory Management

Accurate tracking of inventory management is crucial for businesses involved in export-import activities. This is because these businesses rely on the availability and timely delivery of goods to meet customer demand and maintain their reputation in the market.


Real-time monitoring of sales and transactions

Real-time monitoring of sales and transactions through e-hishab pos software is important for export-import businesses to maintain control over their operations and stay ahead of potential issues.


Accurate Sales Reports

Accurate sales reports are critical for SME businesses to analyze sales performance, identify growth opportunities, and make informed business decisions. e-hishab allows
them to track sales data, monitor customer behavior, and identify trends

cash flow

Improved cash flow management

Improved cash flow management is crucial for export-import businesses, which often involve significant upfront costs such as shipping, customs, and tariffs. And you will get all these benefits in e-hishab POS software.


Increased data accuracy for reporting and analysis

Increased data accuracy is critical for reporting and analysis for export-import businesses. It can make informed right decisions about its sales and finances through e-hishab POS software.


Accurate Accounting Management

e-hishab POS software is essential for proper accounting management of export-import businesses to maintain financial stability, comply with regulatory requirements and make informed decisions about their operations.


Automated invoicing and billing

Automated invoicing and billing are essential for export-import businesses, e-hishab POS software helps streamline their operations and improve their cash flow.


Supplier and vendor information

Access to accurate and up-to-date supplier and vendor information is essential for export-import businesses. Supplier and seller information includes details such as contact information, product offerings, prices, delivery times and payment terms.


Employ and customer management

Effective employee and customer management is essential for export-import business. You can do employee and customer management very easily through e-hishab.